Have a laptop with a broken screen?

I can repair this for you quickly and for much less than the professionals.

Do you have broken USB ports?

I can repair USB ports and most other ports.

Is your laptop refusing to charge?

A broken power jack is likely the reason, and it is a simple repair.

Is your computer full of junk or just needing to be upgraded?

I can replace the hard drive and do a fresh OS installation. I can also replace the hard drive with a solid state drive for incredibly fast performance.

Does it take minutes for your computer to do something as simple as open a browser?

I can diagnose most reasons why your computer is being slow and improve the performance without changing hardware.

Welcome to Joshua Reynolds Computer Repairs

My name is Joshua and I have experience repairing all kinds of computer problems both hardware and software. I only repair Windows PCs (both laptops and desktops) as Apple computers are not repairable with common tools or techniques. If your computer can’t be repaired, I can often still recover files from it. Please contact me and I will give you a pricing estimate.

I have repaired laptop computer screens, charging ports, USB ports, power switches, and hard drive replacements. If your computer is running slowly, I can also diagnose many common problems that might be causing this. If I am replacing a hard drive, I could replace it with a solid state drive which costs more than a hard drive, but is extremely reliable and is extremely fast. Please click here for details on what I can repair.

I charge $20/hour. If your computer has a broken screen, for example, the price will be $60-$100 for the cost of the replacement screen and my labor. Please click here for more details on pricing and examples.

Here is a short time lapse video of me repairing a laptop and replacing the motherboard.